The Tulane SPHTM Global Research Data Center (GRDC) specializes in the areas of data capture, management, security, and storage and seeks to establish Tulane as a global leader in these highly practical areas to facilitate large interdisciplinary research proposals and meet the demands for enhanced scientific rigor and transparency requirements.  The GRDC consolidates data capture and management resources into a core facility and provides a restricted access location for data management activities.  The GRDC works with Global Research Information Technology (GRIT) to provide infrastructure and technical support and interconnects researchers and technical staff with expertise in data capture and management.  Dr. Jeffrey Shaffer serves as the Director of the GRDC and is  a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics with considerable experience in setting up and overseeing data capture and management systems across West Africa.  Dr.  John Lefante oversees the GRDC and GRIT and is the Associate Dean for Academic Information Systems.